Chapter 8 – If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 8 – If Walls Could Talk

Chapter 8 - If Walls Could Talk

Bob looked everywhere. He looked in closets, pried back baseboard, looked through boxes, in between windows. Pretty much anywhere there was a wall in his shop, he was looking.

After Mountain Man told him he was located in a historic building and that “The walls of that building have seen a lot of things over the years,” he was convinced that Walter wanted to bring him back to the shop after all.

With only two Chapters left, Bob was feeling like he was closing in on Walter’s treasure. He could hardly contain himself.

And he was getting desperate.


Knocking on walls and listening with a stethoscope would have made Kitty laugh out loud, but Bob was alone.

After two hours, he sat down at Walter’s old desk.

His eyes slowly looked up. There hung Walter’s old painting on the wall, slightly crooked, just like Walter preferred.

In fact, the only time Bob ever remembered Walter scolding him was on a particular evening when Bob was about fourteen. He was sweeping up and decided to adjust the painting a bit.

“Leave it, Bob!” yelled Walter. “That one doesn’t get touched. Not now anyway.” And after giving his word to Walter, Bob never touched it again, until tonight.

Bob slowly stood up from Walter’s desk. After taking a couple deep breaths and a final swallow, Bob tilted the picture back to a level position.


Starting location for this Hunt


Heartland Bank Facebook Page


In Chapter 8, Bob returns to his camera shop in downtown Kearney and begins looking everywhere for that final piece of the puzzle. He believes there is a shortcut to finding Walter’s treasure. Like the 49’ers, Bob is determined to strike it rich quick, but for most of us, growing our future starts with a little outside financial help.

Your mission is to visit Heartland Bank’s Facebook Page ( and “like” it. Later in the day, they will post an announcement telling you where in Kearney you will need to go to look for today’s treasure.

If you uncover a Nebraska Treasure Hunt token, keep it. Redeem treasure tokens Here. Redeem bonus tokens for Points by clicking “Rewards” in your Kearney App and then “Earn Points.” Read policies for possible hiding locations before starting your hunt.


One new Treasure Token has been hidden somewhere in Kearney that is redeemable for a $100 debit card from Heartland Bank. The first person to possess the token is entitled to redeem it. 5 new Bonus Tokens have also been hidden that are redeemable in Kearney App Rewards for 200 Points each. Each can be redeemed only one time for Points. Later, Heartland Bank will post out a code on their Facebook Page that is redeemable for 25 points by a LIMITED number of people.


Heartland Bank sponsors the financial tools associated with the real estate listings found within the Kearney App. Continuing to use all the Kearney App’s rich features during the hunt is encouraged.

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