Chapter 7 – Mountain Man, Again

Chapter 7 – Mountain Man, Again

Chapter 7 - Mountain Man, Again

“So your lady wants to travel the Lincoln Highway, does she?”

Mountain Man was positioned on the opposite end of the campfire, just outside his cabin. He carefully dumped the small sack of acorns into an old dutch oven.

“I guess. It sounds fun and all, but I just don’t know if I can get away from the shop for that long,” said Bob.

“Look, Bob, now I know that my muscular physique and hard exterior may prompt you to think of me as a fightin’ soul. But Mountain Man is a . . lover at heart.” He tilted his head for emphasis. “And you should take your wife on that trip.”

“But what will we do?”

Mountain Man nearly lost his cool as he gave the logs a hefty poke with his stick.

“What will you do?! What won’t you do, Bob? A generation ago, I’d see all kinds of folks traveling up and down that highway, pulling over and camping wherever they pleased and meetin’ all kinds of other nice folks while listening to the radio around a fire. It’s freedom, Bob. Live it!”


Bob found Mountain Man’s passion nearly equal to his seemingly unending knowledge of local history.

“Mountain Man, what happened to the Trail around here that you often mention?”

Mountain Man’s eyes glazed over as he began to relive the lively tales while the fire dwindled.

“. . . and I never really trusted that telegraph a whole lot, machines talking to other machines across the country just seems crazy to me, but that’s why them boys no longer ride them ponies through these parts . . . and I tell you what, during the boom, Kearney Junction was the liveliest, brightest city west of St. Louis with its electricity and its trollies and the mill and all those investments from those eastern boys.”

Bob was fascinated to learn about the rich history of Dobytown and Kearney Junction. He could hear ragtime music in his head as Mountain Man painted vivid, lively pictures of this great Archway to the west.

“No, Bob. The Trail ain’t dead, though. The Trail lives on! Even after the bust, the buildings and parks that still stood were among the finest around. Those of us who chose to ride out the bust and sit on the wealth that remained are all the happier now.”

“I suppose,” said Bob.

“Take that building you are in right now, that’s one of them left over from the boom. The walls of that building have seen a lot of things over the years . . . you ever think about that, Bob?”

Bob did think about it. Just now. He flipped ahead to Chapter 8.

“That’s it, Mountain Man! I’ve got to go!” And off Bob ran.

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In Chapter 7, Bob revisits Mountain Man and learns all about the history of Kearney, from the Oregon Trail all the way past the founding of the Lincoln Highway. Incredibly, Barney Insurance was around to witness a majority of the stories shared by Mountain Man. Barney Insurance has been in Kearney since 1888!

Your mission is to visit Barney Insurance’s Facebook Page and “like” it. Sometime today, they will post an announcement telling you where in Kearney you will need to go to look for today’s treasure.

If you uncover a Nebraska Treasure Hunt token, keep it. Redeem treasure tokens Here. Redeem bonus tokens for Points by clicking “Rewards” in your Kearney App and then “Earn Points.” Read policies for possible hiding locations before starting your hunt.


One new Treasure Token has been hidden somewhere in Kearney that is redeemable for $88 from Barney Insurance as well as $88 to give to a local charity of your choice. The first person to possess the token is entitled to redeem it. 5 new Bonus Tokens have also hidden that are redeemable in Kearney App Rewards for 200 Points each. Each can be redeemed only one time for Points. Later today, Barney Insurance will post out a code on their Facebook Page that is redeemable for 25 points by a LIMITED number of people.


The location of the hidden Treasure Tokens will be listed as a “Place” in the Kearney App. At any time during the Nebraska Treasure Hunt, Barney Insurance may post out an exclusive clue on their Facebook page.

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