Chapter 6 – Night Out

Chapter 6 – Night Out

Chapter 6 - Night Out

“This is so much better than Mountain Man’s turkey-leg-surprise,” said Bob as he devoured his meal by candlelight across from Kitty. He had decided to take her to her favorite Kearney restaurant to make up for all the time he had been away the last few days.

“Why do you do it, Bob?”

“What? Eat? Because I’d starve to death otherwise.”


“Oh, Bob. You know what I mean. Why do you go here and there and everywhere, putting in all this time and energy in search of something you may never find?”

“I don’t know, Kitty. I guess probably for the same reason that the 49’ers did it. I like the adventure and the hopes of finding something big.”

Kitty looked disappointed. It was a look that told Bob he had all the riches he needed right in front of him. And he couldn’t disagree.

“Look, Kitty, when I read those excerpts from those families emigrating west on the Trail, I realized something. They all did it for different reasons . . . riches, adventure, starting a new and better life, religious independence. But they all embodied that American spirit that I think is strong in me. Plus, you know, I find it enjoyable to get out of the shop for a while and put my mind on something else.”

Kitty could tell in recent weeks that Bob had started to become a bit over-stressed with running the daily activities at their camera shop. She was sad that her “Big Kid at Heart” had been looking a little overworked.

“Let’s get away,” said Kitty. “Just for a while.”


“I don’t know. We’ll just pack the car and head down Highway 30. The Pacific, the Atlantic, we’re halfway between both. You pick. Left or right?”

“I tell you what,” said Bob. “Give me ’til the weekend. If the treasure isn’t ours, then I’m all yours.”

“Well, maybe if you bring me back two scoops of ice cream . . .”

“You got it, Kitty. And then I have to make good on a promise. I’ve got to deliver this package.”

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In Chapter 6, Bob takes Kitty for a night out and they talk about adventure, riches, and even the historic Lincoln Highway, now known as Highway 30. Learn about its significance here: You may find it helpful at some point during a hunt. Throughout the Nebraska Treasure Hunt, we have been placing our custom-printed banner at various locations throughout Kearney. LIPS, located just next to historic Highway 30, created this banner for us. Their Facebook page is the starting location for today’s hunt ( Like it. Later in the day, they will post out the exclusive location clue that will let you know where you need to look for today’s hidden Tokens.

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One new Treasure Token has been hidden somewhere in Kearney that is redeemable for $100 worth of pizza from Papa John’s. The first person to possess the token is entitled to redeem it. 5 new Bonus Tokens have also been hidden that are redeemable in Kearney App Rewards for 200 Points each. Each can be redeemed only one time for Points. Stop by LIPS on Tuesday to show your Kearney App and someone may give you a code worth 25 additional Nebraska Treasure Hunt Points.


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