Chapter 3 – Too Many Books

Chapter 3 – Too Many Books

Chapter 3 - Too Many Books

Books. Books. And more books. Bob was in a hurry.

To find what? He didn’t know. But he was convinced that Walter was guiding him somewhere—hopefully to riches—through the clues he left behind.

Bob found a quiet corner in the library and began to sift through Walter’s photographs. They were all so old. Most had names written on the back.

“Excuse me,” said Bob to a young library aide who was restocking books. “Can you tell me where I might be able to find information about the people in these photographs? I believe they are from people who lived or passed through this area. Maybe on a Trail of some sort?”

The worker squinted at the photos. She turned one over. “Sallie Hester,” she read.

She grabbed another. “Margaret Frink.” She looked up at Bob. “These are quite rare and old. Let me show you something.”

She scooted Bob down the aisle to a collection of older books. She handed one to Bob. He began to flip through the delicate pages of pictures and excerpts.

His mind began to drift as he scanned the short excerpts from early pioneers traveling through Ft. Kearny on their westward journey across the Oregon Trail:

“We sold our home and everything we could not take with us . . . and joined the trail for California . . . As far as the eye can reach, you see nothing but wagons . . . We are now in the Pawnee Nation. When we camp at night, we form a corral with our wagons, to protect our animals.”

Bob thought about the tenacity of those headed west and the dreams of adventure, freedom, and fortunes! The hardships were a bit harder to think about.

“It was a dreary journey. At Devil’s Gate, we were visited with snow, hail, sand, and fierce winds . . . we could go no further with snow so deep and no food.”

Bob continued to dart his eyes from one page to another.

And then he stopped.


It was a picture of a rugged man, with a long beard and sparkling eyes shining through his leathery face. It was the man who lived alone in a shanty near the Platte River, south of Kearney. Legends abound of the old man by the river who “never died.”

“Mountain Man,” was the caption.

Bob grabbed Walter’s manuscript. “Chapter 4: The Mountain Man.”

“That’s him!” shouted Bob.

Starting location for this Hunt

chapter 3 map image

Kearney Public Library


In Chapter 3, Bob spends time at the Kearney Public Library reading about the Oregon Trail and the History of Kearney. Your job is to do the same. Visit the library before 5pm today and start reading. The treasure you are looking for will be within reach.

If you uncover a Nebraska Treasure Hunt token, keep it. Redeem treasure tokens Here. Redeem bonus tokens for Points by clicking “Rewards” in your Kearney App and then “Earn Points.” Read policies for possible hiding locations before starting your hunt.


One new Treasure Token has been hidden somewhere in Kearney that is redeemable for a $50 gift card to Target AND a $50 gift card to the Sequel Bookshop in Kearney. The first person to possess the token is entitled to redeem it. 5 new Bonus Tokens have also been hidden that are redeemable in Kearney App Rewards for 200 Points each. Each can be redeemed only one time for Points. September is Signup Month at the library. Sign up for either the Library’s free texting service or a new library card, and you will be given a code worth 25 Nebraska Treasure Hunt Points.


Reading pays.

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