Points are simply incentives to get participants to . . . participate! An effective points-based “Rewards” system is already present within the Kearney App; that same system is being used for this event. Points are valuable to contestants because, 1) they can be used to purchase additional clues, such as the general whereabouts of a hidden treasure token, and 2) they help the contestant get closer to winning the $500 Top Points Earner treasure.

You will need the free Kearney App installed on your mobile device if you wish to earn Points. Points are redeemed by clicking on the Rewards button in the Kearney App. To ensure the Points are credited to your Rewards account, follow these instructions for syncing your Kearney App to your Rewards account. Even though some may start with a lot of Kearney App points, everyone starts with 0 Nebraska Treasure Hunt points so you can jump right in and compete. Track the Top 10 Nebraska Treasure Hunt points leaders in real time on this page. The final Top 10 will be entered into a drawing for one $500 Top Points Prize.


Opportunities to Earn Points:

Find and redeem a Bonus Token for 200 Points each.

Complete the scavenger hunt each day at Builders for a new code worth 25 Points.

Signup for Builders Rewards for 100 Points (may be limited time).

Stop by Meadowlark Dental and fill out a form for 25 Points.

Sign up for a library card or free texting service at the Kearney Public Library for 25 Points.

Take a free tour of the Frank House Monday, September 21 from 2pm to 7pm for 25 Points.