Kearney App

The Kearney App

What is the Kearney App?  

The Kearney App, made possible by Good Samaritan Hospital and built by Hollman Media, LLC, is an app created for the residents and visitors of the Kearney community.  The Kearney App features:

  • Detailed information for thousands of points in Kearney
  • Important community alerts
  • Self-guided tours
  • Local news as it happens
  • Community calendar information that is aggregated from several area partners
  • Discounts, coupons, garage sales, and other exclusive deals for shoppers

Do I need it for the Treasure Hunt?

The Kearney App is not required for you to use the app to find most the treasures, however, it puts you at a greater advantage if you do. Some of the hunts encourage you to use features in the app to solve key clues. You need the app if you wish to earn Points.