Chapter 10 – Last chapter

Chapter 10 – Last chapter

Chapter 10 - Last Chapter

“What did you say, Kitty?” said Bob again.

“This tree is just not at that Chapter in its life where it is probably going to be flowing with cotton,” said Kitty.  “It can’t be more than four years old.”

Bob’s head began to spin. He sat down and pulled out Walter’s manuscript that he had been using as his own journal during his journey. He began to scribble. To mutter to himself. He connected dots. And crossed out letters.

He reviewed notes from his conversations with Mountain Man.
And then he began to laugh.

“What is it Bob?”

“I know where the treasure is, Kitty. And so does Mountain Man. He knew it the first night I met him. And he was right. He gave me every clue I needed to find the treasure that night.”

“What?” said Kitty.

“That Walter. What a clever devil!”

“Well where is it Bob?!” Kitty was quite excited now.

He took his pencil and began to pick apart Walter’s incomplete manuscript for Kitty. Something about Bob’s conversation with Mountain Man that first night had stuck out to him. The way he spoke of growing old was just a bit too peculiar.


“Oh my gosh, Bob. You are right!”

“Come on Kitty! We don’t have much time to get there!”

And out the door they went. It slammed so hard that it bumped the painting back to its prior position. If a fly were on the wall that instant, it could barely make out a smile on Mountain Man’s face formed by the cracking paint. In that same painting was another aging man standing next to Mountain Man. A friend. The figures in the painting watched as Bob and Kitty dashed to grab their treasure.

– the end –

(except for the epilogue)

Starting location for this Hunt


University of Nebraska at Kearney


In Chapter 10, with a little help from Kitty, Bob figures out the key to finding Walter’s treasure. He realizes that the clue he needed was right in front of him all along.

Today, you’ll learn the same thing. This is the BIG one. The $2,000 Grand Prize Token is in its final resting spot and it is ready to be captured by you. It’s homecoming and the hunt starts at UNK!

Your mission is to attend homecoming. A huge announcement will be made that will help you put all the pieces together . . . if you are clever enough to decipher it.

If you uncover a Nebraska Treasure Hunt token, keep it. Redeem treasure tokens Here. Redeem bonus tokens for Points by clicking “Rewards” in your Kearney App and then “Earn Points.” Read policies for possible hiding locations before starting your hunt.


One Grand Prize Token has been hidden somewhere in Kearney that is redeemable for $2,000 from the Kearney App and Hollman Media, LLC. The first person to possess the token is entitled to redeem it. TWO, and only 2, new Bonus Tokens have been hidden. They are redeemable for 500 Points each, rather than the usual 200 Points. Each can be redeemed only one time for Points.


Stay ’til the end.

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